PPPI Principles To Be Released

25 Mar



For Immediate Release – Tuesday March 26, 2013


REGINA, SK:  Public Pastures – Public Interest is announcing a set of principles and strategies for moving forward to create a secure future for the PFRA community pastures in Saskatchewan.

Wednesday March 27, 2013 at 10:00 AM, Best Western Seven Oaks, 777 Albert Street, Regina

The federal government has turned responsibility for the 62 Saskatchewan pastures over to the Province, which says it plans to sell or lease them. This will affect 1.8 million acres containing a significant portion of Saskatchewan’s original grasslands.

On March 27, PPPI will be putting forward principles to protect the wider public interest during the transition of the PFRA community pastures. The PPPI document, A Vision for the Future of Saskatchewan Heritage Rangelands, is based on discussions with people in the province and scientific research. To date, the principles and accompanying strategies for forward action have been endorsed by several provincial and national non-governmental organizations. Representatives of these organizations will be available for interviews at the media conference.


  • Speakers from organizations endorsing the principles of PPPI, including:
    • Naomi Beingessner, Regina Public Interest Research Group
    • Lorne Scott, Conservation Director, Nature Saskatchewan
  • Presentation of the principles
  • List of the endorsing NGOs

“There is a groundswell of support across Saskatchewan for retaining the community pastures under public ownership”, said Trevor Herriot, spokesperson for PPPI. “The future of the grasslands, its use by producers for livestock grazing and the public benefits the lands provide will be better protected if these principles are followed. This decision will have the greatest impact on these heritage rangelands since they were established 75 years ago.”

Endorsing organizations to date include: Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society, the Society of Grasslands Naturalists (Medicine Hat), National Farmers Union, Nature Saskatchewan, ProtectthePrairie.ca, Regina Public Interest Research Group, Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation, Saskatchewan Archaeological Society, Saskatchewan Environmental Society, University of Regina Pasture Prof’s.

“Our members have always recognized the exceptional value of the PFRA pastures, including hunting, wildlife viewing and educational purposes,” explained Darrell Crabbe, Executive Director of the Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation. “We believe that these principles will help Saskatchewan make the transition to a management system that will conserve the wildlife on these critical pieces of grassland habitat.”

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