More News Coverage

29 Apr

Did you catch the news about Margaret Atwood and Graeme Gibson?

There’s more news: The Meadow Lake Progress has an article with some back-and-forth between Lyle Stewart and Trevor Herriot regarding conservation and the pastures’ future. Herriot says, “Saskatchewan is considered a backslider province in not actually having its own species-at-risk provincial legislation…There is no private land owner who’s ever been told what to do with his land because of some Wildlife Act in Saskatchewan. And the federal species-at-risk act is optional.” Read it here: Community pasture debate continues.

And in the Star-Phoenix, Kathleen Morrell writes, “The issue of PFRA pastures is one where the interests of farmers and environmentalist converge. It is a complex issue that requires time to talk, to study and to plan. Surely, one year is not too much to ask.”


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