Clarifying Misconceptions

4 Jul

PPPI would like to clarify some misconceptions arising from recent news articles (See: Saskatchewan Cattlemen Association chair calls pastures coalition ‘crackpots’, Protecting land legitimate idea – a response from the Star-Phoenix editorial staff, and SCA’s Elford clarifies ‘crackpot’ remark). The further clarification needed regards PPPI’s constituency.

Bruce Johnstone’s article (the first, linked above) says that PPPI is a coalition of groups including PSAC, the agriculture union that represents pasture employees. While we do work with the union and their ad hoc “Protect the Prairie” campaign, we also work with First Nations groups, other conservation NGOs, and the Community Pastures Patrons Association of Saskatchewan. Forty-five organizations have in fact endorsed our principles. However, we have no formal relationship with these groups and certainly no actual “coalition”. We pride ourselves on our independence and our role as the only voice for the PFRA pastures that does not in fact have any ties to someone with a financial interest in their ultimate disposition.


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