Provincial Protection?

24 Sep

Andrea Olive, expert on Species at Risk legislation, has an editorial in the Star-Phoenix questioning the claims of Saskatchewan’s agriculture minister that species at risk are protected in this province. This is an important issue as federal community pastures containing species at risk are transferred to provincial control.

“Agriculture Minister Lyle Stewart has been telling the people of Saskatchewan that the provincial government cares about endangered species and will protect them. He has assured everyone that the sale of the PFRA lands will not affect the protection of grassland birds…

If Saskatchewan is doing as good a job as Stewart has been telling us, then why does Environment Canada need to step in on provincial land? What is the Saskatchewan government doing? Why has the sage grouse declined 98 per cent since 1988 if Saskatchewan has two laws in place to protect species at risk? This is a big deal Saskatchewan. This is the first time the federal government has ever used emergency protection for an endangered species.”


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