New Factsheet! Oil and Gas Mitigation

4 Feb

Importance of Federal PFRA Management in Mitigating Oil and Gas Impacts: Factsheet, produced by Dr. Emily Eaton and PPPI, is now online, under the “Resources” tab. From the factsheet:

“The PFRA pastures have been described as a “hidden park system” where some of our largest and healthiest remaining tracts of grassland are conserved. Yet these lands are still open to mineral development. The grassland ecosystems of many of the PRFA pastures have been compromised – many pastures already suffer serious environmental consequences from the proliferation of oil and gas wells, flow-lines, pipelines and access roads. This has occurred in spite of federal environmental protections and the efforts of dedicated PFRA staff monitoring oil and gas activity….

Additional provisions restricting operation and development resulting from non-compliance would be beneficial in the Surface Leasing Agreements. But to be of any value, these provisions and the current regulatory tools of the Saskatchewan Ministries of Agriculture, Environment and Economy need to be made more effective through inspection (which is currently infrequent) and enforcement.”


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