PPPI First AGM and Speakers

10 Mar

Saturday, March 29, 2014

1:00-4:30 pm

United Way Building, 1440 Scarth St, Regina, SK

Topics to be discussed re the former PFRA Community Pastures: the process of transfer from the federal to provincial government, the effects on the cattle producers who use the pastures and their communities, the effects on species at risk and habitat protection, oil and gas developments on the pastures, First Nations concerns and protecting heritage sites on the pastures.

1:00 Welcome & Introductions
Opening Prayer and Welcome from Treaty Four

1:15 Speakers
− Oil and gas developments and the community pastures (Dr. Emily Eaton)
− Pasture transfer process (Ian McCreary, Community Pasture Patrons Association of Saskatchewan)
− Preserving heritage sites on the pastures (Tomasin Playford)

2:10 Break

2:20 Report on past year and updates on recent developments

2:50 PPPI Financial Report

3:00 Election of PPPI Board

3:10 Objectives and Actions for 2014-2015

4:15 Other Business

4:30 Adjourn
E-mail: public4pastures (at) gmail.com
Phone: 306-515-0460
Website: https://pfrapastureposts.wordpress.com/


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