Patrons Making News

24 Mar

Two recent articles about the pasture patrons:

– Star-Phoenix coverage of the Brant Kirychuk talk advertised in a previous post: Patrons key to pasture transfers, says Ag manager

“This is a huge, complex undertaking,” said Brant Kirychuk of Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture, who gave an update on the pastures during a recent talk at the University of Saskatchewan, as part of the Native Prairie Speaker Series. Kirychuk said patrons are key to the transition.

“They are the ones most affected. They are the ones that have to put the work in to develop the business model that works for them.” The first 10 pastures are being leased to patron organizations.

Kirychuk heard from a number of citizens concerned about how the organizations will be able to afford managing the land and maintaining a healthy ecosystem.


– Portage Online claims that Sask Pasture Patrons Envy Manitoba Community Pasture Setup

SCPPA [sic] Chair Ian McCreary says based on Manitoba’s program, Saskatchewan cattle producers are at a disadvantage.

“Patrons in Manitoba will be coming in with grazing costs around 85 cents a day and they won’t have to put money up front. They’ll have service similar to what they’ve experienced in the past and they’re pretty much ready to go,” he says. “That’s pretty attractive for our members and we feel some of those components that could be drawn out for Saskatchewan.”


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