Saskatchewan Pastures Program

5 May

PPPI has issued a media release highlighting the Saskatchewan Pastures Program’s proposed closure and the government’s consultation process.…/pppi-release…

PPPI sees the closure of the provincial pasture program as another step in privatizing Saskatchewan’s grassland commons. By removing public involvement and management of these lands, the Province is first giving up the infrastructure that could be used to do a better job of managing public grasslands for climate change mitigation and species recovery. But it is also exposing their carbon storage capacity, biodiversity, and species at risk to the market forces and private interests that inevitably drive land use decisions and lead to habitat erosion and fragmentation over time as good private stewards retire and are eventually superseded by managers who push the land harder for short term gain. A community pasture management system gives government at least the capacity to protect the commons for the long term public good.

PPPI met with Saskatchewan government representatives on April 27 and highlights of the points presented as well as the full brief to the government are here:…/pppi-recc-hi…


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