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PFRA pastures in Sask make National Trust endangered places list

1 Jun

Two articles this week highlighted the placement of the former PFRA pastures in Saskatchewan on the National Trust’s list of endangered places. CBC ran this article and the Leader-Post ran this article, from which the following quote is taken:

The Public Pastures – Public Interest group is quite pleased to see the pastures on the list. The group has been campaigning for years for the conservation of the pastures.

“We’re trying to end up with some form of assistance, some form of guarantee that the pastures will remain publicly owned and managed for livestock producing as well for species at risk, biodiversity and basically continue on the same track that the PFRA system had developed,” said Lorne Scott, co-chair of Public Pastures – Public Interest.

Reversing the Damage: Report

29 Feb

This report out of the Manitoba CCPA, Reversing the Damage: How the Federal Liberals Can Restore Hope on the the Prairies discusses cuts to federal programs and employees, such as the closure of the PFRA Community Pastures Program (see pages 7-9 of the report). It contains recommendations for ensuring the continued stewardship of best management of the pastures.

More Endorsers!

5 Jun

The Saskatchewan Conference of the United Church of Canada has endorsed the six principles for our heritage rangelands at risk, and called for a full consultation regarding the PFRA Pastures and indigenous rights. Our list of endorsing organizations is now at 45!

Ranchers vs Ranchers?

23 May

The Dominion has come out with an article entitled Carving the Prairie Commons: Ranchers divided on federal divestment from community pasturelands. Is it rancher vs rancher, or is there common ground? What do you think the Dominion story is missing?