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Operation Grassland: Saving Species at Risk

10 Oct

Conservationist readers may be interested in a group out of Alberta, Operation Grassland. From their website:

For more than 20 years, Operation Grassland Community, inspired by its ranching partners, has remained open and receptive to the changing needs of both prairie wildlife and human communities, evolving and adapting to ensure timely and appropriate action. Some highlights of this work include:

  • Hundreds of ranching members acting as voluntary stewards & protecting >900,000 acres of prairie habitat.
  • A ranching membership who work with us to conduct annual wildlife surveys, develop Benefiical Management Plans, and implement Wildlife Habitat Enhancement Projects.
  • Partnerships with schools to provide specialized youth education opportunities on the importance of a sustainable prairie.
  • Engaging and inspiring others: reaching 1000’s of rural and urban Albertans through print and social media, public presentations, and events (e.g., coming in the fall of 2013: an innovative video documentary project, the “Conservation Caravan”