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Call to Action

1 Apr

Proposed Potash Mine Would Impact Thousands of Hectares of Habitat for Prairie Flora and Fauna Including Many Species at Risk

Public Pastures—Public Interest has just learned that the Province of Saskatchewan is preparing to give the go ahead to a new solution potash mine that would harm or destroy up to 6,000 hectares (14,800 acres) of increasingly rare grassland, wetland and riparian (creek valley slopes) habitat in the upper Wascana Creek watershed near the towns of Sedley and Lajord.

Saskatchewan has already lost approximately 86.7% of its native grasslands, placing dozens of prairie species in jeopardy. This project, if approved, would impact populations of several at-risk birds such as the Loggerhead Shrike, Long-billed Curlew, Short-eared Owl, and Ferruginous Hawk as well as the American Badger and Northern Leopard Frog, among nearly 150 species of wildlife using the lands. Five known dancing grounds for our provincial bird, the sharp-tailed grouse, as well as nesting sites and dens for other species, would be affected.

Details of how you can take action can be found on our Take Action page.

There are two weeks to respond before the deadline of April 15!

Northern Leopard Frog: Shelley Banks
Brilliant green frog, half-submerged in brackish water with reeds,
at the old 76 Ranch in Grasslands National Park © SB