PPPI Factsheets

Public Pastures-Public Interest has created a series of factsheets on issues relating to the PFRA pastures, written by various local experts on the topics.

These factsheets can be shared widely, and used when writing letters or speaking to elected representatives and other concerned citizens.

ISSUE: In Saskatchewan, management of 1.8 million acres of land in 62 former PFRA community pastures is being transferred from the Federal Government to the Province. This is a land area larger than Prince Edward Island. The Province intends to sell or lease the land to private users, putting public benefits at risk.

National and International Land Agreements

  • Biodiversity
  • Climate Change
  • Indigenous Peoples
  • Grasslands

Nature and Health

  • Benefits for physical, cognitive, and emotional health
  • Future initiatives

Crown Lands Administered by Sask Ag

  • Usage, Type, Acreage
  • As of September, 2015

PFRA and Species at Risk Factsheet

  • Species at Risk on PFRA pastures
  • SAR Research on the pastures
  • SAR Management on the pastures
  • Why Species at Risk need the PFRA Pastures

Oil and Gas Mitigation Factsheet

  • Key Oil and Gas Impacts on the Pastures
  • PFRA Successes in Dealing with Oil and Gas Development
  • Preserving Our Pasture Land Resources

General Factsheet

  • Why Do These Pastures Matter?
  • Principles for PFRA Community Pastures
  • A Strategy Forward

History of Community Pastures

  • The Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Administration (PFRA)
  • The Community Pasture Program
  • Land Ownership
  • Risk of Desertification, Past and Future

Importance of the Pastures and Good Management

  • Supporting smaller farmers and cattle producers
  • Supporting Saskatchewan’s ecology
  • Balancing agriculture and the environment through professional management
  • Economic and scientific activity
  • Managed access supports broader uses of the PFRA pastures

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