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Species at Risk in PFRA pastures

21 Dec

These species (all found on PFRA community pastures) are either endangered (E), threatened (T) or of special concern (SC). There are beautiful photos of some of these in our Gallery.

Burrowing owl, a species at risk

Burrowing owl, a species at risk

  • Ferruginous hawk-T
  • common nighthawk-T
  • long-billed curlew-SC
  • Sprague’s pipit-T
  • barn swallow-T
  • burrowing owl-E
  • greater sage-grouse-E
  • loggerhead shrike-T
  • McCowns longspur-SC
  • Short-eared owl-SC
  • bobolink-T
  • Baird’s sparrow-SC
  • Chestnut-collared longspur-T
  • piping plover-E
  • mountain plover-E
  • peregrine falcon-T
  • smooth goosefoot-T
  • slender mouse-ear-cress-T
  • hairy prairie clover-T
  • western spiderwort-T
  • buffalo grass-T
  • swift fox-E
  • black-tailed prairie dog-SC
  • black-footed ferret-E
  • northern leopard frog-SC
  • Great Plains toad-SC
  • Eastern yellow-bellied racer-T
  • Monarch butterfly-SC
  • Dusky dune moth-E
  • gold-edged gem (moth)-E
  • Mormon metalmark (butterfly)-T

More Biology Resources

19 Dec

Thanks to the contribution of a biology professor at the University of Regina, the academic resources list has been expanded. Check the Resources page for many more articles on PFRA pastures and species of conservation concern in Canada.

Resources Updated

17 Dec

Many articles have now been added to the Resources page. Some discuss the pastures themselves: history, economic impacts, etc. Others include research that took place in community pastures in Saskatchewan. Check them out!


10 Dec

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