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Article: PFRA Cowboys Adjusting

28 Jul

Still at Home on the Range: “It’s a risky way to make a living, but some career cowboys are finding ways to adjust after the Conservative government scrapped the Community Pastures Program in 2012” says Andrea Hill for the Star-Phoenix.


Very Successful Prairie Pasture Tour

20 Jul
Thanks to Trevor Herriot for leading a stimulating and informative tour through a prairie pasture on July 9th where participants found moving numbers of birds and native grass and plant species. The participants located by their call more than thirty Chestnut Collared longspurs, two grasshopper sparrows, ten baird’s sparrows, and three spragues pipits. Many actually saw the baird’s sparrow and the endangered spragues pipit. We also saw a nest that we are still trying to identify. ¬†Other sightings included common Nighthawks, upland sandpipers, many meadowlarks and savannah sparrows. Although there were too many grass and plant species to name, notably, there were prickly pear cactus in bloom.

In these times when their numbers are declining, some of them severely, it was a rare treat for the senses and the heart to be guests on the landscape these birds and plants call home.  Thanks again Trevor and other experts for sharing your knowledge.

– Simone Hengen
The nest we are trying to identify.
photo credit: Betty O’Byrne