Stewart: Community pasture transition to provincial control on track

3 Jan

In the last post, concerns about pasture transitions were raised. Minister of Agriculture Lyle Stewart assures Western Producer readers that the transitions are on schedule in this article.

““The Dec. 1 date for signing is not set in stone,” he said in response to a news release from the Community Pasture Patrons Association of Saskatchewan (CPPAS), which said the deadline had come and gone without formal agreements.

Rather, he said it was a target to en-sure patrons were working toward developing their plans and that the first 10 were ready to go for 2014.

…”However, there are a couple of outstanding issues.

One is the matter of non-reversionary land, which is land in some of the pastures, including several of the first 10, that does not automatically revert to the province. It represents five percent of the federal land and is owned by the agriculture, environment and defence departments.

Stewart said an agreement between Ottawa and Regina to swap land to accommodate the non-reversionary land fell through after other departments stepped in and said a formal process had to be followed.


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